colo(u)rful PEOPLE

Locked within my bathroom walls….finding time to “write” -In reality I’m really typing with my thumbs…which annoys me :^(

However,  I’ve decided to stop being so stingy with my poems..and share. Here’s a new new piece. So NEW…meaning; I just started it RIGHT NOW! LOL Please feel free to share your thoughts.

“we are a colo(u)rful people”

While on this journey of life, like a new blade of grass in a field of many…

I realize that growth and transition will occur.

The pace of that occurrence is determined by many factors all rooted in choices that have been made…

choices by one and by all.

The more I go within..Eye begin… to see patterns of light and darkness in all colors as if I were staring into a kaleidoscope of life’s choices….we are a colo(u)rful people.

A beautiful, colo(u)rful, spirited “people”- having a “hue”man experience…

what colo(u)r did you chose today?

to be continue…