revealing pieces of the self as spirit flies free and gracefully dips in the open sea…
a lady named da costa

MANY times I have difficulty speaking about or even singing the song VICTIM. This baby was well-protected and tucked away in the corners of my heart…only to be shared when absolutely necessary. But when we decided to release it….my stomach literally turned into to knots: “How would it be received? Will it make an impact? Will it start the conversation about how we MUST end ALL abuse of our children? Emotional…Physical and Sexual abuse of our precious little girls and boys….or will it get swept under that dusty rug again? ”

These thoughts as well as many others swamped my mind…..they still do….

VICTIM is now available on #itunes….#cdbaby #youtube and more download sites


something is brewing…revisiting the old ..infused with something new. a new..yet old type of energy. i don’t think y’all ready. shiiitttttt… i ain’t even ready. but i am.

working on something new….stay tuned.


most times..music is my only companion…..i give thanks.

“There was a boy
A very strange, enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far
Very far, over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he
And then one day,
One magic day he passed my way
While we spoke of many things
Fools and Kings
This he said to me:
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return”.

eden ahbez #natureboy


beloveds…too many people that i’ve known…classmates, friends, family have  lost their lives at 40 years or younger. too many of us have dealt with sickness and pain. i will be 39 at end of this year and it is my intention to celebrate LIFE and the memory and spirit of these people every single day i have breath. we were born to live..love.. be kind  and to cherish the beauty of life at all times..we are one and everliving. it is only the flesh dies…our spirit lives forever…♡ ase’ ooooo and so it is.


“beyond lines of separation and man’s degradation. social classification of color. class.. and religion. is this what we wait to teach our children? that one is better than the next one? we live and we learn…

we bun’ di fiyah and we standing firm”



Even when it feels as if it has knocked you down….
love is always the answer…..i will always love strong and love unconditionally… love is the key
I refuse to fall in love… I rise in love with an open heart <3



if you truly believe then you must reflect the actions of a believer.


an open heart reveals….i was rear-ended earlier today in a car accident and that experience shook me back into a reality of self love and focus….then the universe slowly whispered..”keep moving forward beloved…there are no such things as accidents”…thankful <3 my heart will remain open for new beginnings….


a work in progress….i completely forgot to post this….
in search of self. <3


i am truly humbled to be a part of elizabeth sanjuan’s project self revealed, the “naked” photography project. a photography project in which women of all ages, sizes, and colors, have the opportunity to express and validate their beauty on their terms. the opening of this exhibition is…saturday 2.27.16 time: 6pm-8pm will i see you there?  click here to get more info and rsvp.


do you remember me ?


mic check..mic check…mmhm.. throwback thursday to a day when my little sis bad mi’ up and reminded me that i should post more videos of me singing…i am always reluctant…and she forced me to do this… many moons ago, one of my beloved music teachers told me that i couldn’t sing and that i should focus more on playing my horn (trumpet), at that point, i decided that my voice wasn’t good enough and i did not sing again until several years later….’til this day i have to consistently remind myself that my voice is mine and mine alone…it has its beauty..it has its flaws….and it will always sing.


…experiencing true love with a man who succeeds at expanding into the fullness of his spirit in truth. A balanced partner, lover and friend who inspires, supports and loves unconditionally..someone who I can reciprocate that love..unconditionally in the complete truth of who i am…unapologetically as i embrace ALL of who he is…

let’s grow together, let’s build together..man, who is an excellent example to my son and daughter of what a king embodies..with eyes that see into the goodness of my soul… through to the core.. and reflect all that is divine light. I see you. I feel your kiss. I smell the sweetness of your sweat…then laugh.
the scent of pineapples and mangos blowing in the wind
you really are what you eat.
i close my eyes and i see you
while i sit.
by the river… patiently wait for you. <3